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26/Abr/2017 9:56

'Lost Dreams' project informs Africans about the dangers of illegal migration to Europe

The African Network of Germany (TANG) has launched a project about the dangers of illegal migration to Europe. It's currently being presented to young people in Cameroon.

26/Abr/2017 9:51

G20 Com­pact with Africa

The G20 Africa Partnership is a central project of Germany’s G20 presidency. Its aim is to improve conditions for sustainable private sector investment, investment in infrastructure, economic participation, and employment in African countries.

25/Abr/2017 10:41

What women want from the G20

Women in business, science and society in the G20 countries will be gathering for the Women20 Dialogue Forum on April 25 and 26 - including Chancellor Merkel. Women20 (W20) aims to ensure that the G20 pledge to take steps to empower women economically.

24/Abr/2017 13:54

The chalk artist

South African artist Kemang Wa Lehulere is Deutsche Bank “Artist of the Year” 2017 and is presenting his first solo show in Germany. The exhibition runs from March 24 until June 18, at the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle Berlin.

21/Abr/2017 10:44

Art exhibition seeks to bridge Germany's colonial divide

An art exhibition explores Germany's colonial heritage as well as shared experiences and cultural differences.

21/Abr/2017 10:43

Top German Handball Coach hosts training courses in Zimbabwe

Top German handball coach and International Handball Federation expert Helmut Martin completed a nine-day series of refresher courses in Zimbabwe on April 16 for local coaches and schoolteachers in Zimbabwe.

20/Abr/2017 13:26

“The economic strengthening of women is a marathon.”

In none of the G20 states are women economically equal. Also not in Germany. In the network Women20, Mona Küppers is fighting for a change.

20/Abr/2017 13:26

Nigeria: better rice harvests mean more food and higher income

Smallholder farmers in Nigeria are increasing their income with the help of an international rice initiative. Higher yields and better quality are making the country less dependent on expensive rice imports.

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